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Founded in 1988, WEGO started a disposable infusion sets business with tax revolving fund of RMB 25,000.


At present, it works on developing medical devices and pharmaceuticals as its main business, while expanding the architectural engineering, finance and other businesses.

      Main products of WEGO are infusion sets, syringes, blood transfusion equipment, intracardiac consumables, IV catheters and special needles, blood purification equipment and consumables, orthopedic materials, operating equipment and accessories, trauma care, surgical robots, minimally invasive instruments and equipment, ICU products and accessories, high-capacity injections and other pharmaceuticals, renal products, biological diagnostic reagents, surgical sutures, dental implants, sense control equipment and consumables, PVC & non-PVC materials and so on.

      As WEGO Medical’s flagship product, the blood bag product is also a product that WEGO Medical International Trade Co., Ltd. focuses on. It has now completed overseas registration in 22 countries including Argentina, Russia, Ecuador, Peru, and Malaysia. Among them, the market share of blood bags in Uzbekistan reached 95%, and the market share in Nigeria and Ukraine reached 85%. In markets such as Southeast Asia and Europe, WEGO has wrestled with many European and American brands, gradually increasing the influence of WEGO blood bags, making WEGO the first choice for blood bag supply in the minds of customers in many countries.

      WEGO Medical is an enterprise integrating industry and trade.

      With more than 1000 varieties of products provided in more than 150,000 specifications, WEGO’s medical instruments now have entered into 11 fields out of 15 segmented markets, becoming one of the most safe and reliable suppliers of medical system solutions in the world.

      WEGO has passed ISO9000 international quality system certification, ISO13485 quality system certification, CE certification and GMP certification, and gained FDA recognition by upholding scientific management and improving the quality management system.

      WEGO has more than 1,100 patents, including more than 400 invention patents. It possesses more than 900 products with independent intellectual property right, among them, high-tech products and high value- added products account for more than 80%.

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Export Amount

WEGO Medical provides a wide range of medical solutions.

While providing a series of medical consumables and equipment, WEGO Medical can tailor a complete set of medical solutions for you.

These include: ward infusion solutions, nursing ward solutions, hemodialysis (HD) solutions, orthopedic comprehensive solutions, digital operating room solutions, etc…

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WEGO Medical

Mainly Products

Only some of our products are displayed, if you need more product details, please consult us.

disposable syringe

Disposable syringe

Material: Polypropylene

Available with luer slip, luer lock, or catheter tip

Sterilization methods: EtO and E-beam

Certification: ISO, CE, FDA

MOQ: 30000pieces

Blood bag

Blood bags

Model Number: Single/ double/ triple/ quadruple

Anticoagulant: CPDA-1/CPD/SAGM

Certification: ISO, CE

Packing: PET bag/Aluminum bag

MOQ: 1000pieces

Blood collection tube


Material: PET/glass

Size: 1.28ml-10ml

Color: Purple/ Red/ Green/ Grey/ Black/ Yellow/ Blue

Certification: ISO, CE

MOQ: 5000pcs

Infusion sets

Material: Polypropylene

Size: 120cm, 150cm (Customize)

Connector: luer lock and luer slip

Certification: ISO, CE

Shelf Life: 3 year

MOQ: 30000pieces

Spine-Mispine Spinal Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Mis Tube Special Instrument Set for Surgical Surgery Medical Screw Connecting Straight Curved Rod Implant

Posterior Thoracolumbar Internal Fixation

Material: Stainless Steel

Feature: Reusable

Certification: CE, ISO13485

MOQ: 1 Set

Nitrile Surgical Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Material: Nitrile

Available Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL

Force at break: ≥6N before and after aging

Surface: Micro-textured on fingers

blood transfusion set

Blood Transfusion Set 

Material: PVC/DEHP

Type: luer slip/luer lock

Quality Certification: CE, ISO

MOQ: 10000sets

enfit syringe

Enfit Syringe

Material: Medical Grade PP

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Certificate: CE,ISO

surgical suture

Surgical sutures

Material: PGA, PDO, PGLA, PGCL, Nylon, Silk, Polyester, PP

Size: USP 2-USP 8/0 metric 5 – metric 0.4

Transport Package: Aluminum Pack and Blister Pouch With Sterilize Ind

Certification: ISO, CE

MOQ: 1000pieces

Dental Implant

Dental implant

Material: Pure Ti IV

Properties: Implant Materials & Artificial Organs

Certificate: CE/ CFDA/ ISO

Technology: CITIZEN JPN

Surface Treatment: S.L.A

MOQ: 100pieces

blood gas syringe

Blood gas syringe

Material: Polypropylene

Size: 15*5*2CM, 15*5*2CM

Certification: ISO, CE

Sterile: EO Gas Sterile

Shelf Life: 3 year

MOQ: 5000pieces

Dental autoclave

Specification: 8L, 18L, 23L, 29L, 45L

Application field: Dental clinic, Beauty Salon, Pet shop, Oral department, Ophthalmology, Operation room and Lab

Product Warranty: Online support/in site support

WEGO Group

Partners and Branches

With more than 80 subsidiaries, 3 listed companies, and more than 37,000 employees

WEGO has 7 industry groups including medical products, blood purification, orthopedics, medical equipment, pharmacy, intracardiac consumables, and medical business.

Medical industry

Latest News

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Dear Sir/Madam

           With great pleasure that we write to invite you to the 87th session of the China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF) on14th-17th of May, 2023 at Shanghai. WEGO Medical is proud to participate in this annual event,showcasing our latest medical technologies and innovations.

           WEGO Medical, A leading integratted medical system solution supplier. In CMEF 2023, WEGO will bring more consummate medical system solutions such as hospital nursing solutions, hemodialysis solutions, blood technology solutions, digital operating room solutions, etc.

           WEGO Medical is honored to discuss medical related products and solutions with you.

           Looking forward to your arrival in Shanghai.

WEGO Medical

Don’t miss the chance to learn more information about WEGO !

On May 1-May 5, Canton Fair will go live.

On May 14-17, CMEF will go live.

Welcome to Canton Fair and CMEF to visit WEGO Medical.

Looking forward to your arrival!

Recently, the Southeast Asia Business Center under WEGO Overseas Management Group successfully obtained the Thailand medical device registration certificate for WEGO Jielikang Dental Implant System. Dental implants officially entered the overseas market and opened up a new battlefield.

Since its establishment in November 2022, the Thailand branch of the Southeast Asia business center has registered the three major implants of ALBONE/ALRIDGE/IMMEDI-WARRIOR through in-depth market research, WEGO Jielikang implant team and Thai distributors for five months. The system, with a total of 48 specifications of products, provides a full range of product solutions for the in-depth development of the Thai implant business market in the future.

On March 28, Mbelwa, Tanzanian ambassador to China, visited WEGO Medical. In recent years, the blood transfusion consumables produced by WEGO have accounted for more than 60% in African countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and just now, and have established branches in Egypt, Kenya, Ghana and other African countries.

The main topics of the meeting were discussed, including local medical solutions in Tanzania, and future medical needs.

The leader of WEGO Medical said that WEGO can help some hospitals in Tanzania to continuously improve some infrastructure, and guide these African doctors to visit and study in China and train, so as to continuously improve the medical level of the African people.

Our Story

WEGO Medical, A leading integratted medical system solution supplier. 

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